Dog Chaperone Service

Dog Chaperone Service opening in Ayr

This is the first ever blog post from Woof Woof Weddings. We are the new dog chaperone service for Ayr and the surrounding area. My name is Jennifer Reid and pets have been a huge part of my life since childhood. I’ve been a dog breeder, showed dogs and even been a dog judge. I’ve also been a Birman cat breeder and even won Overall Supreme Exhibit at The Supreme Cat Show in 2016.

Dog Chaperone Service – Why I started Woof Woof Weddings

The original idea for my dog chaperone service came about through a family member. She dearly wanted Bertie her dog to attend her wedding but was unable to find anyone to provide a dog chaperone service. With over 30 years pet experience I was asked and helped make her dream come true. The demand for pets to attend weddings is on the increase. Pets are very much part of the family so it seems odd to exclude them from our special day. With more and more dog friendly wedding venues and dog chaperone services like Woof Woof Weddings, the dog, cat, pony or other loved pet can now be part of your big day.

Woof Woof Weddings Services

At Woof Woof Weddings we have three main services which we have called Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These reflect the typical needs of most couples. If you require an additional service or something more bespoke we can discuss and quote accordingly. Essentially the price of the service reflects the duration that we are required to attend as well as the number of ‘get to know you’ walks we offer. Our top Diamond package also includes a nights boarding at my home. Naturally we are licenced by the local council for boarding. We show this and other documentation at any meet and greet. Woof Woof Weddings are also fully insured and have pet first aid certificate for your peace of mind.

We understand that there is a huge amount of planning that goes into a wedding. It’s our aim to make your day as stress free as possible, for you and your pet.

Besides our main packages we also offer some additional extras. These include things like training sessions which are required if your pet is taking a more active role in the ceremony, for example by being a ring bearer.  Another popular extra is doggy attire should you want your dog to wear his own wedding outfit. We can offer suggestions and show you a large range of options.

If you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact us.

Our aim is to deliver a pawsitively perfect package for you and your pet on your special day.

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